With my background as the UK's leading dealer in Fine Historic Automobiles I have always appreciated quality, craftsmanship, artistic endeavour & a sense of history. About a decade ago, I began to acquire posters with an automobile theme but I quickly began to focus on British Cinema posters & the genesis of my Collection began.

There are several motivations behind this website. It is designed for fellow collectors & enthusiasts. It is my hope that the website will act as a reference source & that you enjoy browsing the posters. I also hope that this online gallery will convert casual visitors, so that they too can participate in this fascinating field.

Although the Cinema poster market is relatively young (Christies only held their first dedicated auction back in 1990) it has experienced rapid & dynamic growth. The market is becoming ever more sophisticated. There are collectors who specialise in specific genres & others who focus on particular Poster artists. My Collection may seem eclectic but every single piece has to "speak" to me. Either the artwork has to appeal or the film represented has to trigger special memories.

There are examples of foreign posters in the Collection but the major constituents are UK Quad posters. As with all collectors, I have endeavoured to acquire pieces in the best possible condition & much of the Collection has already been Linen-Backed. The bulk of the Collection has been assembled in partnership with Mike Bloomfield at MEM who also acts as my curator.

Each poster in the Collection has been imaged & separately catalogued. Every item has a different "story" to tell. Cinema posters were originally designed as pieces of commercial art but their interest far transcends this ephemeral purpose. Posters are not only items of artistic beauty but can be witty & fun. Posters are also barometers of our cultural history too.

I do hope you can share my passion for what is an exciting, intellectually stimulating & thoroughly rewarding hobby.

Gregor Fisken

January 2013

Gregor Fisken