A Man Called Dagger

Artist: Other
Format: Japan B2 (20"x 28")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1968


A Japanese B2 poster for this 1968 American action-thriller made in the slipstream of the James Bond phenomenon. Featuring a mad scientist in a wheel chair who plans to resurrect the Third Reich, secret agent "Dick Dagger" pits his wits to thwart him. The film sports a bevy of beautiful girls & interesting gadgets & clearly hoped to ape the success of the Bond genre. Irrespective of the critical quality of the film, however, the poster presents us with a great panoply of colour & action.


Whilst Japanese film posters were often based on ingredients lifted from western posters, the Japanese interpreted these films in their own unique way. This can be seen very clearly when comparing the Japanese design here with the US 1-Sheet poster (image courtesy of emovieposter.com), the Japanese poster providing a far more dynamic visual treat.