American Graffiti

Artist: Mort Drucker
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1973

This Quad for the George Lucas teen Comedy "American Graffiti", will have a familiar look for aficionados of “MAD” magazine, as the artist responsible is Mort Drucker. Drucker was a comic & caricature artist who worked extensively on “MAD”. The poster presents a montage of caricature images from the film & is rightly considered to be a classic among poster collectors. The same artwork blessed both UK & American posters (an American "30x40" poster courtesy of www.moviepostermem is shown for reference). Lucas’s film was made on a small budget ($775,000) & went on to gross over $200m worldwide. However, virtually every major studio turned down the film before United Pictures seized the initiative. Lucas’s tribute to his teen years, encompassed the emergence of Rock’n’Roll & the Californian phenomenon of cruising automobiles. Notable participants in the film included Ron Howard (later star of TV’s “Happy Days” & future major movie director) & Harrison Ford. Ford was struggling with his acting career & was supplementing his earnings by undertaking carpentry work. Indeed, Lucas picked up on Ford when Ford was building some cabinets at George Lucas’s home. The poster has been cleaned, de-acidified & linen-backed.