Bachelor Flat

Artist: Thomas William Chantrell
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1962


“Bachelor Flat” is a 1962 American comedy centring on the exploits of British Professor Terry-Thomas in his Malibu home and the intrusions of his many peculiar neighbours. Featuring an unusual subplot involving a dog stealing a prized dinosaur bone, the film was typical 1950’s/60’s comedy fare.

Terry-Thomas was a popular English comedian and character actor and had made his name playing disreputable, often villainous members of the upper-class. “Bachelor Flat” was Thomas’s first foray into American productions and whilst it did not turn him into a superstar, he did receive positive reviews. Though he never achieved the worldwide stardom of his contemporary Peter Sellers, whom he acted alongside often, Thomas had a distinguished career that was unfortunately cut short by the onset of Parkinson’s disease in 1971.

The UK Quad features a reliably fun, tongue-in-cheek and quirky design from Tom Chantrell. Though by no means one of Chantrell’s best works, the poster is nevertheless charming and the breezy, light-hearted and slightly risqué nature of the film is captured well. Motor enthusiasts will also recognise the crisp and cool Sunbeam Alpine (if you can look past Tuesday Weld on the hood!).

Chantrell’s own cheeky personality and acute sense of humour lent itself well in his illustrations. Though this is perhaps best seen in his wonderfully suggestive and playful posters for 1970's sex films, it is certainly still evident in his artwork for less ‘X-rated’ material like “Bachelor Flat”. See his posters for 1963’s “Carry on Cabby” and “Move Over Darling” as further examples (images shown below courtesy of