Artist: Thomas William Chantrell
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1967


Made during the height of the ‘swinging 60’s’ in London and featuring the popular comedy team of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, “Bedazzled” was a comic and modernised parody, written by the aforementioned duo, of the Faust legend. Cook, as The Devil, grants unhappy Stanley (Moore) seven wishes in exchange for his soul yet repeatedly tricks him. By the time "Bedazzled" was released, Cook and Moore were already renowned in Britain with work such as their stage revue ‘Beyond the Fringe’ and popular television show “Not Only…But Also” and had been hugely influential in the rise of satirical and ant-establishment comedy in Britain.

The artwork for the UK Quad poster, by Tom Chantrell, is perfectly reflective of its time, featuring a vibrant and colourful design in the pop-art style popular in the late 60s. Chantrell was well known for incorporating day-glow into the titles in his artwork yet here he provides a psychedelic explosion of clashing colours - a poster that could not have failed to make an impact. The Quad is markedly more inventive than the racier yet less adventurous US 1-Sheet design which features a scantily-clad Raquel Welch (image courtesy of For more information about Chantrell, please visit the official Chantrell website

In 2000 "Bedazzled" was re-made with Brendan Fraser & Liz Hurley playing the key protagonists. Though an attractive poster, the contrast with the original Quad is clear. The modern approach relies on photographic/computer generated imagery. Greater control over image rights, means that contemporary stars are pictured in all their perfection. Generally there is less scope for "artistic" expression & as a consequence many modern posters look "the same".


The poster presented here has been linen-backed.