Bus Stop

Artist: Thomas William Chantrell
Format: UK Double-Crown (20"x 30")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1956


This UK double-crown poster arguably presents the best image of Marilyn Monroe to be found on any cinema poster worldwide. Produced in 1956, the combination of Marilyn at 30 years old & at the height of her powers & master artist, Thomas Chantrell, ensured a memorable visual feast. The colours are bold & vibrant & Chantrell captures Monroe's sense of vulnerable sexiness just perfectly for more information about Chantrell, please visit www.chantrellposter.com).


Though "Bus Stop" was a light romantic comedy with a somewhat implausible story line (Don Murray as a cowboy, abducts showgirl Monroe & plans to install her on his ranch in Montana), many would argue that the film witnessed Monroe's best straight role. Indeed, "Bus Stop" was Monroe's first film since training with Lee Strasberg. Her hillbilly accent was authentic & Monroe took a personal interest in her film attire, rejecting the more glamorous gowns on offer, preferring to depict her character as a somewhat bedraggled waif.


The choice of Joshua Logan to direct the film was unusual given that he was principally known as a theatre director, staging Broadway musicals. Given that Logan also suffered from depression & Monroe was known for her fragile mental state, it was surprising that filming went so smoothly. However, the newly assertive Monroe respected Logan's stage credentials (Logan had studied under Stanislavsky at Moscow's Art Theatre) & in return Logan was able to sympathise with Monroe's sensitive temperament.


The standard US 1-Sheet poster is shown for comparison (image courtesy of emovieposter.com). The design takes a more conventional approach showing both Monroe & co-lead Don Murray in a playful clinch. Posterity will judge which poster design "works" best but it is not hard to guess what we think.