Danger Diabolik

Artist: Other
Format: French (23"x 30")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1968


A delightfully coloured poster here for 1968’s “Danger Diabolik” and a design which fits perfectly with the psychedelic and flower-power influenced mood of the time. The French poster, for the French-Italian action film, also displays some pretty ‘groovy’ leather outfits and makes sure to feature the stylish and iconic Jaguar E-Type making it a collectable for motor enthusiasts too.

In full swinging 60’s style, the film itself tells of morally ambiguous anti-hero master thief Diabolik who, along with his girlfriend Eva, embarks on a crime spree of robbery, terrorism and general mayhem. Featuring some well executed car chase scenes as well as Diabolik’s underground lair complete with a giant bed of money and acting as a pastiche of the James Bond series, the film is certainly a product of its time.

The French poster contrasts quite strongly with that of its US and Italian equivalents (both shown below courtesy of emovieposter.com) with each incorporating a different approach and style. While the French poster goes for a ‘trippy’ contemporary design, the US features far more action-packed detail in a more Bond-like approach. The Italian poster meanwhile sports the simplest though eye-catching design, by Renato Casaro, and clearly takes advantage of the fact that the character of Diabolik originated from Italian comics in the early 60’s.

Nevertheless the French poster works wonderfully in evoking some of the predominant styles of the later 60’s and can certainly hold up against similar fare like “Barbarella” (1968), “Arabeqsue” (1966) and “Casino Royale” (1967).