Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Artist: Other
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1971


The first "Planet of the Apes" film emerged in 1968, based on the French novel "La Planete des Singes" (1963). In a futuristic world where apes are dominant & humans subservient, we are invited to consider the human condition against an intriguing Scifi background. Five films were made 1968-73 & "Escape From The Planet of the Apes" was the 3rd in the series. As the central characters were already well established, the poster here, took a more simplistic approach compared to the previous two (Planet of the Apes" 1968 & "Benetah the Planet of The Apes" 1969 - these posters shown courtesy of Christie's & respectively).


One of the reasons for the huge success of the "Planet of the Apes" series was the groundbreaking prosthetics provided by John Chambers. Chambers was already renowned for his work by the time he became involved with the "Planet..." films (for instance he was the creator of Dr Spock's highly distinctive ears in "Star Trek" 1966). Another side of Chambers life, however, was more recently celebrated in the 2012 film "Argo". John Goodman played Chambers in this film about the CIA operation (1980) to dupe the Revolutionary Guard in Iran in spiriting away a group of trapped US diplomats under the guise of a film shoot team. Chambers prominent position in the Hollywood firmament gave credibility to the exercise & he was subsequently honoured for his efforts in the operation.