Let It Be

Artist: Josh Kirby
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1970

"Let It Be" was to be The Beatles 4th & final film project. Devised as a documentary that looked at The Beatles at work in the studio, the film actually provides a testament of the greatest Rock band the world has ever seen, in full-scale disintegration. Filming commenced in January 1969 but the film was not released until May 1970 by which time The Beatles had indeed split up. By this stage, animosities were running high & none of the individual Beatles would have been interested in posing for photos for the poster design, so archive photos taken at the original '69 sessions by Ethan Russell were used. Designer Josh Kirby arranged a montage of four shots against a simple black background for the LP release. The black background provided a suitably funereal mood for what was by then a "dead" band. Like previous Beatles LP's, "A Hard Day's Night" & "Help", the LP cover formed the basis for the UK Quad poster. The poster design, used a day-glo yellow title to help lift the mood & market the film but such was the fanatical following The Beatles enjoyed, little more was required to entice audiences. The poster has been professionally cleaned, de-acidified & linen-backed.