Artist: Other
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1960

Poster for this Hitchcock masterpiece. From the Saul Bass designed opening credits, to the infamous shower scene, this is a superb film, beautifully constructed & acted. The poster hints of sex but the fractured title & the purple background slashed with white, suggests a tense, nerve-tingling experience. Hitchcock was not only fond of giving himself cameo walk-on roles in his own films but posters for Hitchcock films normally carried a photograph of the great man himself. Whilst many other Directors could claim equal gravitas & commercial & critical success, Hitchcock is alone in being used so obviously as a marketing asset for his own films. The warning that no one will be admitted after the film had commenced was another marketing gimmick designed to create a sense of suspense & expectation. The UK Quad design was once again very different  compared to the US 1-Sheet but both posters are very collectablle in their own right. The poster has been cleaned, de-acidified & linen-backed.