Searching for Sugarman

Artist: Other
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 2012

A rare example of a modern poster in the collection. In keeping with most contemporary cinema posters the composition here is essentially photographic & the poster is embellished with critical plaudits. This is not a particularly exciting design but the poster makes the grade because of the subject matter of the film. Made in documentary style, the film traces the search for an eccentric early 70's American musician (Rodriguez) who had enormous sales success in South Africa but had never visited & subsequently dropped off the radar. When re-discovered in the States, Rodriguez was working in demolition & occasionally performing in local Detroit bars. The unassuming Rodriguez was brought over to South Africa & treated to sell-out stadium gigs. As a talismanic figure for the voice of liberal white South African's opposed to Apartheid, it is poignant to see how much Rodriguez's music obviously meant to this generation of South Africans but his music retains a strangely fresh & contemporary feel.