Steve McQueen The Man and Le Mans

Artist: Other
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 2015


“Le Mans” was a passion project of Steve McQueen’s that eventually turned into an obsession. Detailing McQueen’s efforts in making the film, the 2015 documentary “Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans” delves into his struggles both personally and on set that almost ended his career. Directors John McKenna and Gabriel Clarke utilise  previously lost ‘making-of’ documentary as well as interviews with those closest to McQueen to paint a picture of the difficulties he faced.

A famous motor-enthusiast, McQueen had envisioned “Le Mans” as the most realistic racing film to date and was adamant that there were to be no special effects. With a $6 million budget (around $37 million today), the film was the most expensive Steve McQueen project ever made and relied on professional drivers racing in real cars at real speed.

The shoot was tempestuous at the best of times with the film going way over budget, the director quitting, the scriptwriter fired and there being several major accidents. The end result was a film that was a critical and financial failure and one which affected McQueen deeply – he never raced in a car again. Time has been more favourable for the film which has developed a cult-like appreciation thanks to its authenticity.

The Quad poster for the documentary presents a defiant picture of McQueen that is certainly testament to the man’s iconic status as a rebel. Though obviously simple and using just a single photographic image, the poster is destined to become a sought-after collectable as the film had a small release in just 27 UK cinemas for its opening week. Given its small print run, its clear attraction for motor-enthusiasts and the wonderful way it evokes the Quad for “Le Mans” designed by Tom Jung (see below courtesy of, there is little doubt that the poster will prove a worthy addition to any collection.