The Birds

Artist: Other
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1963


Hitchcock was not only one of the outstanding auteurs of his generation but he was a supreme showman with an ego to match. With a penchant for fleeting appearances in his own films, Hitchcock took a bolder approach with regards to advertising, Hitchcock film posters often being blessed with a photograph from the great man & a quote too. The Quad poster for "The Birds" is no exception, bearing a photo, quote & even a facsimile Hitchcock signature. The artwork for the Quad poster was largely based on the design for the US 1-Sheet movie poster (shown courtesy of but added the splendid exhotation "Please Do Not See The End First"!


The poster design here is simple in concept: a terrified Tippi Hedren cowering with the silhouette of a bird superimposed across her face & others in the background poised to swoop. When seen in conjunction with the accompanying text, the sense of terror & suspense becomes almost palpable. A piece of poster advertising which is simple but clearly effective.


For the motoring enthusiasts, feast your eyes on Tippi Hedren's Aston Martin DB MKIII convertible in the film. The throaty roar of the Aston's engine & sleek & elegant lines of its body was all helped to portray Ms Hedren as a lady of class & distinction.