The Playbirds

Artist: Thomas William Chantrell
Format: UK Quad (30"x 40")
Condition: Near Mint
Year: 1978


The British sexploitation film scene thrived during the 1970’s as censorship strictures began to weaken. Mary Millington was the first real homegrown UK star in this sector. Although she had only a small part in 1977’s “Come Play With Me”, she was featured prominently in the advertising. "Come Play With Me" became a big commercial success & Mary Millington's cult status was established. “The Playbirds”, where she had a larger role, was similarly successful and although her time at the top of the British sex scene was over by the end of the decade, she nevertheless remained a key and popular figure in the genre. For more information about Mary Millington, please see Simon Sheridan's book "Come Play With Me" (1999).

The British sexploitation film was a certain genre that poster artist Tom Chantrell proved particularly adept at illustrating and marketing to the British public. Although his composition for “Come Play With Me” is arguably his best known piece in this field, his work on the poster for “The Playbirds”, released a year later, is equally attractive.

With title and taglines at the centre, smaller illustrations’ adorning the bottom and larger, more detailed imagery of Mrs Millington and ‘friend’ at the sides, the layout is similar to “Come Play With Me”. Being yet another David Sullivan production & the film again relying heavily on the commercial attractiveness of Ms Millington, Chantrell deliberately designed "Playbirds" to resonate with the earlier film poster. The similarity between the two posters leads most Chantrell & Millington collectors alike to have both these posters in their collections. For more information about Chantrell's life & work, please see


This particular poster is in near mint condition & being the artists proof copy is in rare unfolded form.